The Comic Strip

Bill Bettwy’s Take It From The Tinkersons is a timely comic strip about the hopes and dreams of a modern family, working together to keep their heads above today’s choppy economic waters. Ted and Tiff Tinkerson are a happily married couple with two children: A charmingly naive son, Tillman, and a moody tween daughter, Tweetie. And you can’t leave out Tubby, their overweight but lovable dog.

Nothing comes easily in life, especially for the Tinkersons. Despite Tiff’s financial concerns, Ted’s unrealized ambitions, Tillman’s aversion to school work and Tweetie’s hourly mood swings, the Tinkersons know in their hearts what truly matters: in the rat race of life, family comes first.


The Cartoonist

It was many moons ago when Bill Bettwy decided that he wanted cartooning to be his career path.  Ironically that decision coincided with the awareness that he was never going to be accepted into any respected university.

Starting in high school, Bill began creating comic strips, and in the late ’90s signed with the Monteiro Rose Agency and started producing character design and development for Sony Wonder and Mattel Interactive. He created scripts, storyboards and production bibles for his own animated projects, which were run through the ladder at places like DIC Entertainment and Cartoon Network.

After several years, and a few close calls at getting a feature green-lighted, Bill decided that he wanted to get back to telling stories through comics.In 2008, Bill started producing editorial cartoons for his local newspaper, the Altoona Mirror. He’s also had several of his editorial cartoons published in the Philadelphia Daily News. In 2010, a submission to King Features produced a phone call from editor Brendan Burford, and Take It From The Tinkersons came to life.

With years of marriage, kids and bad decisions comes a deep well of material. The Tinkersons aren’t the Bettwys but there may just be a little bit of the Bettwys in the Tinkersons. And believe you me, with all the choices they still have ahead of them in their lives, this is a good thing!

When Bill isn’t working for a minor league baseball team or spending time with his gorgeous wife, daughter, twin boys, two cats, and a dog, he can be found feverishly working on the Tinkersons from his basement desk stuffed between the washing machine and the Christmas decorations.

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  1. What a beautiful family you have, Bill.

    You daughter looks a similar age to mine (perhaps?).

    I’m guessing about 8ish?

    Take care,


    • Replying to myself. Ha!
      Just noticed the post on the home page explaining that it is a cowboy hat.
      I didn’t see that yesterday before I asked the question.

  2. with all thats wrong with all the dysfunctional families in this country, why do you mostly portray the males in this family as being stupid and weak….when did that become funny? why not, as an experiment, gradually , through comedy, make the mother in this household the weak and stupid one…..i wonder if there will be any backlash? ! You can’t watch the TV for more than an hour without seeing a commercial or show that portrays us men as being clueless idiots…..There was a time when the man was always in charge–“leave it to beaver” ” father knows best”…..I know its just a comic strip but it would be a step in the right direction—take that step…….thanks