It was a very good year

April Fool’s Day!  What a great day for it to be the anniversary for the Tinkersons.  Today is the one year mark and what a year it was.  Writing a daily comic was always a dream of mine and although I have always been creating a comic of some sort, I have never consistently pumped out a comic every day of the week, every month, for an entire year.

tinks-carAt first I wondered if I could do it…now I wonder if I could live without doing it.

I consider myself lucky to have such a great editor in Brendan Burford and now a friend/mentor in Jerry Scott.  Brendan is a briliant editor with oodles of comic intellect in his noodle and Jerry is a genius writer who pens TWO unbelievable strips in ZITS and BABY BLUES.   When these two men talk….I listen.

I am a late night worker so I am also lucky to have Conan O’Brien and Jimmy Fallon to keep me company when my beautiful wife and kids go to bed.

So, I hope you enjoyed the first year and the Tinkersons will continue to grow in year two as the name of the town in which they live will be revealed and a grandma will join the cast of characters.  Included in the batch of strips in June will be a week long beach vacation story.

Thanks again for reading…Ted, Tiff, Tillman, Tweetie and Tubby truly appreciate it!




What is on the head of ED?


I’ve had a few inquiries to what exactly is on the head of ED-N-SON LIGHT BULBS owner, ED.  So, to answer the question…the head gear is…..a cowboy hat.

Every character is designed with a purpose, so here is how this all came about.

1.  Why a cowboy hat?  Ed likes to make his decisions by shooting from the hip like a cowboy in the old west so it made more sense than a beret.

2.  Why is it so small?  Well, the hat is small due to the fact that Ed’s ego is so big that not even a 10 gallon hat can fit his head.

3. Why does it look so stupid?  That’s easy. I am not the best at drawing cowboy hats.

You can also check out Ed’s bio on the characters page for more of his back story.

Hope this helps.