Frosted window panes are nice when there are candles gleaming inside and painted candy canes on the tree, but when it’s not the season it’s easy for this to not make you too jolly.

So, those of us with older windows, in comes the plastic wrap.  It’s really easy to put up and some brands actually turn pretty invisible from a distance after hitting it with the hair dryer.  You will see the wrap and tape around the frames and there is no getting around that.  But let’s face it, if you are putting plastic on your windows, you are most likely not going to be having tea with the queen anytime soon, so who really cares.  It keeps the condensation off your windows and actually helps keep the cold air out of your house, and that is what matters.

Happy wrapping!




Let’s stop this nonsense.  I think it’s pretty obvious by now that I like “human” food.  Can we get passed this constant battle of you keeping all of the food up high and me going on force recon to find leftover POP TART crumbs?

This can be very simple, and a way to cut down on all of the yelling and barking.  It’s as easy as making me up a plate of whatever you are eating.  That’s it.  I’m not picky.  I’m not a child who refuses to eat.  I EAT ANYTHING. ANY…THING.

Now, I know the vet suggests otherwise, but until i can get him to eat dry dog food for a month straight, I  don’t think he is going to get it.  Besides, humans eat stuff all the time that they KNOW aren’t good for them, so quit being hypocrites and cough up some of the top-shelf grub.




TIFFSBLOGHEADER2Ok.  What is going on?  I need to know where the line is in regard to “helping” your child with a school project and “doing” it for them.

After a recent trip to a science fair, I discovered that the parents of the other children are getting way too involved.  I grew up with some of these people, and there is no way their kids are this smart.    I am not one of those uber-competitive mothers who need their kids to be best in show and will literally do an entire project for their child to make it look that way.

I believe that I am here to help.  To guide.  To be a ride to A.C. MOORE to pick up supplies.  I am NOT here to “go back to school” and to have MY evenings filled with glitter glue and poster boards.  

So, yeah…I don’t have the kids who are displaying a fully functional hydroelectric dam, or a potato-powered robot,  but what I DO HAVE are kids who can fend for themselves AND I HAVE time to relax with a cup of vanilla ginger chai green tea with a drop of honey.

But if these other kids really are that smart, and the parents aren’t doing most of the work then it might be time to change the touch of honey in my tea to something with a little more kick.